Kim Birdsong

Kim Birdsong was born and adopted in Naples, Italy, and has lived most of her life on the Monterey Peninsula.

Her background includes a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a graduate certificate in Women’s Spiritual Development. Kim spent 10years working with trauma survivors, combining her training in trauma care with her specialized knowledge of DreamTending, ritual and the use of art in healing. For three years, she hosted her own radio show, “Spirit Matters.” She served as  Client Services Manager for the Monterey County Rape Crisis Center for eight years.

“It is my belief that a curious, compassionate outlook and a creative response have the power to bring about true and lasting healing, both personally and collectively.”


Developed by Dr. Stephen Aizenstat, DreamTending is a method of working with dreams and their accompanying images. It holds that the images that visit us in dreams are alive and can inform us about our personal unconscious and provide glimpses into the collective unconscious. Further, these images can speak on their own behalf from the perspective of a world unconscious. Rather than narrowing the meaning of a dream or particular image down to a specific symbolic association, DreamTending opens images to possibility and invitation.

Kim offers individual and group sessions in DreamTending with fees on a sliding scale.


From the French word coller, to glue, collage is a traditional art form that uses paper and other media to create new images. In this modern age, it has evolved beyond its origins to include the world of digital imaging and computer manipulations. I a bit of a traditionalist and employ old-fashioned scissors and Yes! Paste, gluing onto archival, acid free 8-ply mat boards. I keep computer editing to a minimum. The finished collage is scanned and printed as a fine art print. I primarily use magazine images, and hold deep gratitude and respect for the original artists and photographers who created them. Their skill and creativity help to give energy and form to my vision.

Collage has been and remains a sweet gift. It allows me to express emotions and exercise creativity in ways I cannot otherwise. It gives me a visual voice where sometimes the one in my throat fails. It helps me show pain and the prayers for its resolution. It allows for the reconciliation of sensuality with rationality, whimsy with gravitas, and the peaceful union of past with present, myth with truth and hope with action. It simultaneously calms and excites, providing both the closure and the invitation to open.

Every aspect of creating the final collage is substantive and has vitality for me: from finding the image, how easy or hard that is, resonating with it, placing it, its juxtaposition to other images, creating a new context, making a new whole of found pieces. Gluing is making it real. It is a commitment, to the work and to myself. I have had to learn to risk the new and the unknown, to trust the promptings of my heart.

I offer workshops annually at the beginning of the calendar year to assist in defining intentions. These offerings often continue quarterly, with an eye to our inner essential nature as it unfolds and evolves with the seasons.

Kim’s collages reflect her deep love and intimate relationship with the natural world. Her work is infused with the archetypal themes of embodiment, belonging, divinity, passion, beauty, and grace.


In the realm of photography, I bow deeply to those with years of experience behind the lens. At best, I am an amateur whose love and respect for the craft was rekindled while on tour in India in 2008. I am a Nikon shooter and remain a perpetual student of light and composition. Primarily I photograph while traveling, eternally drawn to the myriad ways humanity honors and expresses the sacred, and to the glorious faces I see around the globe.

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